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Identify the risks

Identificeer risico's - Identifiez les risques
9 years 1 month ago


The risk is the possibility that an event may occur at a particular moment, whose consequences can vary in seriousness and depending on the scale and the chances of the risk arising (likelihood).

So find out, as the person with prime responsibility for your own safety and that of your family, about the risks that could arise near you.

Knowing the risks around you is necessary to be aware of the possible consequences, and to take the right action, before, during and after an emergency.


There are various types of risk:



  • Risks in the home: theft, fire, carbon monoxide poisoning ...
  • Natural risks: storm, flood, forest fire, earthquake, unusually cold weather, ...
  • Health risks: flu pandemic, peak levels of pollution or ozone, ...
  • Technological risks: nuclear or chemical attack, accident involving transport of hazardous goods;



Although various emergencies can have similar consequences, it is better to know the risks that are specific to your environment so that you can prepare. 


What are the risks where I live?

To find out more precisely about the nature of the risks you face, you can ask your local authority.