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Laat je waarschuwen - Soyez alerté
4 years 8 months ago
In emergencies, the public will receive information through various channels. Depending on the situation, the siren network may be activated, or police vehicles may drive around spreading the message, etc.



If you hear sirens, then the right reaction is to go indoors and listen to the media. In emergencies, the municipal, provincial and national authorities will inform the public, in particular via the media.


In emergencies, alerting the public quickly is vitally important. Right now, you can already register for a new alert system, Be-Alert, which will notify you faster and more clearly and inform you immediately if you are involved in an emergency.

Depending on the emergency concerned, the authorities responsible for the crisis management may decide to send out an alert message via the channels at their disposal. In order to receive these messages via BE-ALERT, you need to register beforehand.


Via this registration, you can choose to be notified via:

  • a voice message on your fixed or mobile phone;
  • a text message on your mobile phone;
  • a written message by e-mail;
  • a written message by fax.

For more information about Be-Alert, click here.