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Self-reliance of members of the public

Zelfredzaamheid - Autoprotection
8 years 7 months ago


"The self-reliance of members of the public" is a term that is used to define your responsibility for risks and emergencies, as well as the possibility of coping with them.

As far as the majority of the public are concerned, the perception of the risks around us is very low. This perception also varies with the person's age, environment and experience. The lack of awareness and knowledge about (household, natural, technological, ...) risks often leads to additional consequences in the management of an emergency: panic among the population and mass movements, irresponsible behaviour by certain people, ...

The authorities and the emergency services will do everything in their power to bring an emergency under control as soon as possible. However, it is impossible to help everyone at the same time.

Well-informed citizens are better able to adopt appropriate, rational behaviour than citizens who do not feel involved, or who have the impression that their needs are not being taken into account.

Did you know that you can limit the consequences of an emergency if you are prepared? It enables you to react quickly in the first, most crucial moments.

The authorities can make various recommendations during an emergency. However, it is better to find out information in advance, and act accordingly.

You should be aware that you have a role to play in your own self-reliance, and in your family's ability to cope.

In this home page, you will find the necessary information and resources to help you ensure your own safety and that of your family.