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Evacueren - Evacuer
9 years 1 month ago

If the authorities considered that your safety cannot be guaranteed at home during an emergency, they may ask you to leave your home temporarily.

If you are advised to leave home, then take the following with you:

  • your wallet or purse;
  • the identity documents of all your family members;
  • copies of essential documents;
  • your mobile phone and charger;
  • your emergency kit


- Follow the recommendations of the local authorities: evacuation route, rendez-vous point (e.g. in a reception centre).  If your family was not together at the time of the evacuation, as soon as you are in a safe place; let them know where you are.

- If you have the time, telephone your contact (who doesn't live in the same place as you). Tell him/her where you are going and when you expect to arrive. Once you are safe, let him/her know. Inform him/her if family members are separated.

- If the emergency services ask you to do so, turn off the water and electricity supply.

- Do not turn off the natural gas supply, unless you are explicitly asked to do so. If you do shut off the gas supply, it is the gas company that should reconnect it afterwards.

- Lock the doors of your home. Follow the instructions of the authorities.

- If you need to go to a reception centre, register when you arrive at the reception. Do not return home before the authorities have given you permission.