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Solidariteit - Solidarité
9 years 1 month ago
During or usually after an emergency, people demonstrate solidarity: after floods, by looking for emergency accommodation and clothes for the persons affected, or appealing for help in cleaning up, or clearing roads and homes of large items of debris that need to be taken away.


See a few examples of help here that you can provide during or after an emergency, without disrupting the actions of the emergency and relief services.


  • If you live near a vulnerable person (an elderly person or a person who is on medication, a couple with a young child, a pregnant woman, ...), then contact that person, so that they are aware of the recommendations that they should follow; if the case arises, inform the authorities about that person's special needs (medical care, evacuation, etc.);
  • If you and your family are safe, to the extent possible, invite the people who need help to join you for their own safety;
  • If you are not affected, if you have professional skills or personal abilities, then you can collaborate in the collective management of the emergency, after asking the advice of the relevant authorities and services (for example by filling sandbags, helping sort donated clothing, taking part in the setting up of a reception centre or the cooking of meals, etc.);
  • If you are familiar with social media, contribute to the dissemination of helpful recommendations, by forwarding and reinforcing the message from the official authorities, and by avoiding and countering any rumours.