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  • Ozon- Ozone
    Peak ozone level
    In our country, peak ozone levels can occur in the mildest periods during the months of May, June, July and August on hot and sunny days. A strong concentration of ozone can have several effects on health e.g. weaker breathing, worsening of symptoms for people with respiratory problems, ...
    • Opt for greener mobility: public transport, cycling, walking, car-pooling.
      • Avoid using your car for short distances. 
    • Drive more smoothly and less sportily.


    • Maintain your vehicle.


    • Insulate your home better and turn the heating down.


    Your health

    • Check with your doctor whether peak ozone or pollution levels can have a particular impact on your health.


    Informeer je - Informez-vousFind out information about a peak ozone or pollution level warning, monitor the media and follow the recommendations by the authorities. To keep informed about air quality at all times, refer to the website




  • Your behaviour

    • Avoid leaving the engine idling.


    • Avoid filling up with fuel at the hottest times of day.


    • Stay indoors, where the ozone concentration is the lowest.


    Your health

    A strong concentration of ozone in the air have an impact on your health, e.g. irritation to eyes, nose and throat, difficulty breathing, asthma attacks, etc.

    • Find the information you need and follow the recommendations of the authorities.


    • Limit your outdoor activities between noon and 22.00 hrs. Especially if you are already sensitive to ozone levels:
      • the elderly
      • a person with respiratory or cardiovascular problems
      • infants and children


    • If you experience unusual breathing difficulties, consult your doctor.


    Informeer je - Informez-vousAlso read our recommendations for hot weather.



    Solidariteit - Solidarité If you know people in your area for whom ozone and pollution may have a specific impact on their health, do not hesitate to visit them to see if all is well.


  • There is no specific recommendation