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  • Smog - Pollution
    Pollution peak
    In our country, pollution peaks with fine particulates occur mainly in winter, from November to March when the weather conditions prevent the dispersion of air pollutants. The pollution can have various effects on health, for instance breathing difficulties.
  • Your behaviour

    Everyone can contribute to curbing pollution peaks:

    • Opt for greener mobility
      • public transport
      • cycling
      • walking
      • car-pooling


    • Avoid using your car for short distances.


    • Drive more smoothly and less sportily.


    • Maintain your vehicle properly.


    • Insulate your home better and turn the heating down.


    Your health

    • Check with your doctor whether peak pollution levels can have a particular impact on your health.


    Informeer je - Informez-vousFind out information about a pollution level warning, monitor the media and follow the recommendations by the authorities. To keep informed about air quality at all times, refer to the website


  • Your behaviour

    • Avoid leaving the engine idling.


    • Opt for public transport.


    • Turn the heating down.


    • Avoid the most polluting heating methods (wood burning stove, ...)


    Your health

    A high concentration of pollutants in the air can have a negative impact on your health, e.g. irritation to eyes, nose and throat, difficulty breathing, asthma attacks, etc.

    • Find the information you need and follow the recommendations of the authorities.


    • Limit your outdoor activities, especially if you are already sensitive to pollution levels:
      • the elderly
      • a person with respiratory or cardiovascular problems
      • infants and children


    • Avoid sport, definitely vigorous sport.


    • If you experience unusual breathing difficulties, consult your doctor.


    Solidariteit - SolidaritéIf you know people in your area for whom pollution may have a specific impact on their health, do not hesitate to visit them to see if all is well.

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