Informed. Prepared. Together
  • Seveso
    A Seveso plant is a plant where hazardous substances are produced, processed or stored: refineries, (petro)chemical sites, establishments where explosives are made, etc. In Belgium, any high-risk firm is subject to strict regulations and regular inspections. The risk of a major accident is limited. An accident caused by certain hazardous substances, however, can have consequences for people living around the plant and the environment.
  • If you see a toxic cloud heading in your direction / if you hear a siren (no test)

    • Walk at right angles to the wind direction.


    • Go and shelter inside the nearest building.


    • Close windows and doors.


    • Listen to the media. The authorities will give you recommendations that you must follow for your safety.


    • Avoid using the phone so as not to saturate the network. Communicatie with friends and family by text, internet or social media.


    • If the authorities recommend evacuation, follow the instructions of the emergency services and collect only a few personal belongings.
    • Follow the recommendations by the authorities on the use of water and foods (such as vegetables from the garden, cow's milk, ...) from the zone that may have been contaminated by the release of toxic substances.